About Cowgirl Custom Cakes

Cowgirl Custom Cakes is located in Redmond, the hub of Central Oregon.  At Cowgirl Custom Cakes we specialize in creating unique cakes for your special occasion, any event from birthdays to weddings and everything in between!  We can use any flavor and filling you like, covered in either buttercream, cream cheese frosting, or fondant.  Visit our Gallery for photos of some of our cakes.

We are also home to the Drunken Cupcakes ... cupcakes for adults (kid-friendly cupcakes also available).  We have nine delicious adult flavors:

French Champagne (A classy French Vanilla Champagne cupcake with champagne cream cheese frosting)
Monkeying Around (Banana Amaretto cupcake with cream cheese Amaretto frosting, sprinkled with almonds)
Spice It Up (A cozy blend of rum and spice cake topped with cream cheese frosting, with touches of cinnamon and brown sugar)
Getting Dirty (the ultimate chocolate lovers mudslide cupcake, filled with chocolate, and topped with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles)
Strawberries & Champagne (Sexy strawberries and champagne cupcake, topped with champagne cream cheese frosting and a real strawberry – seduction in a cupcake)
Country Club Creamsicle (Cupcake and frosting that tastes like a mimosa - topped with a daisy decoration)
The Morning After (Whether you eat with your favorite latte or by itself, this Kahlua flavored cupcake topped with buttercream and a coffee bean, will satisfy any coffee lover)
Buck Wild (Cowboy up with a Pendleton whisky and Pepsi cupcake, topped with Pendleton/cherry frosting and a marschino cherry -- totally addictive!)
Boys' Night Out (What goes with chocolate and beer?  Peanuts, of course!  Dark chocolate and Coors Light cupcake, topped with chocolate frosting and garnished with chopped salted peanuts).